Wine & Mushroom Fest (by Margaret Carpenter)

? WHEN: 04/26/2014, 6-9 pm
? WHERE: 630 Kings Village Road Scotts Valley, CA 95066
wine glass

One of the good things in life is that some things never change. The always-fantastic Wine and Mushroom event is the highlight of our culinary activities. Jeff Emery of Santa Cruz Mountain Winery brings together up to 6 exceptional Santa Cruz area wineries that share their great wines with us. Wineries as of 4/18/14: Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard, Muns Vineyard, River Run, Ahlgren, Sones Cellars

In a nutshell:

This is the potluck event against which we measure all others - it's amazing!
We, the Fungus Federation members, provide the array appetizers and desserts.
Wineries pour their best, and you can easily take your favorites home.
Plan to enjoy an extraordinary evening!

Spring Fungi of the Sierra Nevada

beautiful yellow mushroom

Once again, Dennis Desjardin and San Francisco State University will be offering their week-long class at the SFSU Sierra Field Station. Students will be introduced to the different kinds of mushrooms and other large fungi that occur in the spring in the Sierra Nevada (See SNFC species list). Emphasis will be placed on the analysis of macro- and micromorphological features, as well as ecological roles, to aid in the identification of taxa.